It’s like you’re at a real party!

But who calls them breakout rooms?

Other video conferencing apps will either keep you piled up in one video conversation or put you into closed breakout rooms. But at a real party, you can work the room, go hop into someone else’s conversation, and get to know people.

Start your free remote party

Enter your room name below and which app you’d like to host with. Both apps do the same thing, just different names for your preference.


Why Remote Party?

You can work the room

You’re not stuck in 1 conversation, go mingle! Jump from group to group, meet new people again, catch up with people.

Build meaningful relationships

You have the option to pursue someone in the room by hopoping into a conversation with them. You can also create a new conversation and invite that person to join you (sorry, up to them if they join 😉).

You can get to know new people, have a conversation with just a couple of people while the room has dozens of other people talking.

Real host controls

As if you were hosting the party yourself, you can

  • control when people break off into their own conversations
  • message everyone in the room, across all conversations
  • encourage networking by assigning people to random conversations with topics
  • and more!

Click here to learn more about host controls.

All for free!

It’s true, all of this and more is free! If you like what you see, please consider a donation as it’s not free to host these services.