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While you're in your conversation, click the other person's name from the attendee list and select Invite to Conversation. They will receive a little notification inviting them, but it will not automatically move them. They can decide to join or not.
If you see a conversation listed that you'd like to join, just click the green Join button and you're in!
Simply copy the URL from the browser and share it through your preferred method.
Bugs can't happen, I hope it didn't ruin your experience. Go to our contact page and let us know what happened.
Thank you for your input! Go to our contact page and let us know what you think.
There is a little number to the right of the conversation name, simply hover over that and you can see the list of participants.
Simply press the little monitor icon at the lower left of the screen and select what to share!
Yes! Everything within the app is free! However, it does cost money to provide these services. If you like what you've seen and used, please consider buying me a coffee or donate on PayPal.
After all participants in a conversation leave that conversation, it disappears! I mean, c'mon, if everyone walks out of a conversation in real life does it remain? 😆 Hosts do have an option to persist conversations if they decide. Learn more on the host controls page.
Only hosts can see the host controls. If you're a host, you will have a little blue Host icon next to your name, indicating your a host. Then you will see the Host Controls button at the top right, above the list of conversations. Learn more about the host controls here.