Feel the power! As host, you can do a few more things than the run of the mill participant.

You can access most of the host controls by clicking the Host Controls button in the top right.

I don’t see Host Controls

Then you’re not a host! The first person who creates and enters the room is the host. If the host leaves, then a random person is selected to be the host. If you’d like to be a host, talk to the host or send them a message (click on their name and select Send host a message)

Disable Conversations

You can disable the ability for your participants to create new conversations. This might be helpful if you want people to congregate in the lobby first. You could share announcements, explain something, or do a round of introductions. Then you can reenable conversations (same button) and then participants can get their party on.

Message Everyone

You can send a little message to all participants in the room. They will hear a little sound and see a notification like below in the header. Pretty straight forward:

You could use this to share a new topic for people to discuss, a trivia question, or just let everyone know you love them

Assign to Conversations

This is where things get fun. You can auto assign random participants to conversations!

You can specify how many people you’d like in a conversation. Don’t over think it, and don’t go too crazy. Ideally, you want 4 to 5 in a conversation.

Then you can specify the random Conversation Names for these new conversations. We preloaded some generic ones, but feel free to change it up as you’d like! You could also use this to name the conversation team names if you’re playing trivia or another happy hour game.

Close Conversations

New feature coming soon!

In addition to the above controls, you can also:

Set a conversation to persist

When all people have left a conversation, the conversation disappears. Just like in real life, that conversation just doesn’t exist if there’s no one in it. However, in the Remote Party app, you can set conversations to persist. This will allow you to set up a room with predefined conversations, as you see fit.

After you create a conversation, click the persist button in the top right of the name.

To remove the conversation when it is empty, click the persist button again.

Rename a conversation

The name of a conversation can be used to attract others into the convo, it could define what the topic is about, or could mean absolutely nothing. Conversations change, typos happen. As host, you can rename a conversation name by clicking the Pencil on the right, and rename it!

Add another host

Finally, you can have someone else be a host. Simply click on their name and click Make a host. That person will have all the same power as you do.

Want more?

Bring it on! What more do you want! Use the contact form and let us know!