Remote Party was designed to be easy. Like most video conferencing apps, everyone is stuck in a single room. It’s impossible to get a valuable conversation with 20 people, right? This is where we hope to fill in a much needed gap!

Enter the room

Every large party, happy hour, networking event, etc. starts in a single big room. Normally we’re elbow to elbow, talking in small groups of people.

With Remote Party, when you enter a room, you start in the Lobby. Here you’ll see anyone else still in the Lobby. Otherwise, you’ll look over the room and find someone to talk to.

Survey the room

After we enter the room, we start looking for someone to connect with. This could be someone you know well or someone you want to get to know more.

The Current Attendees list on the right will allow you to quickly see who’s in the room, across all of the conversations. When you click on their name you can see which conversation they’re in.

The All Conversations list on the top right allows you to see all of the conversations going on right now. You can see who is talking together, the name of a conversation may or may not define what they’re talking about, and that’s okay.

Join a conversation

Once we identify who we’d like to go talk with, we would walk right up and join the conversation circle.

To join a conversation, simply click on the green Join button. You’ll be put right into their conversation.

Work the room

At any time, you can “go get a drink” and leave a conversation, and jump into another one.

Again, just click the green Join button on another conversation and you’ll be added to that conversation.

Start a new conversation

As some smaller groups get too big, we may split off into new conversations. We also may want to pull someone aside and have a conversation.

Click Create a new conversation, give it a name and then you’ll be in your new conversation. From here, you can click on someone’s name to invite them into your conversation. Sorry, we don’t force them in, that wouldn’t be nice.

Have fun

Jump from conversation to conversation, get to know people, learn more, make connections. Once you’re done, you can close your browser or click the exit button at the top right.

What do you think?

We would love to hear your feedback! Click the Heart button at the top right in the app, or Contact Us above, and share your thoughts, report a bug, request a feature, or donate!